Happy wheels is an incredibly fun, action packed physics based vehicle game. There are all sorts of obstacles to avoid and dangers you need to be cautious about in this game. This ranges from spiked ceilings, springboards, massive armoured vehicles which can run you over, and swinging boulders, which can kill you instantly. Unlike other games of this type, if you land awkwardly it’s common that your character is decapitated, leading to a whole load of blood and guts effects. The main attraction of happy wheels is the sheer variety of vehicles which you can enjoy driving. They include a regular bicycle, wheel chair and shopping trolley. Each character will make its own sounds as you bounce around in the game, which adds to the humour. The various vehicles also have their own characters, making each time you try a new one a new experience. It’s no wonder this game has become so popular lately. If you’re going to try it, I recommend trying out the wheel chair guy, because this particular character is quite fun to be. Another game of note in this genre is Cyclomaniacs 2, which is the much awaited sequel, which also offers a wide variety of characters including Mr T and Frankenstein! This game is more bike racing based though, but it’s great run racing against the computer on the different landscapes, such as the desert or the moon.


Check out the example video below to sample the great fun that happy wheels game offers.


Shit / CTRL: Secondary Actions
Z: Eject
Space: Primary Action
UP: Accelerate
LEFT: Lean Back
DOWN: Decelerate
RIGHT: Lean Forward

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