Found this out while I was on vacation, eating soup. I sprayed the soup on the TV screen and bursted launghing. Great clip! Enjoy the music! Scroll down for the video and lyrics!


One morning, at the Bazooka’s home.
Yo, what are you doing there?
How come you’re not at School?
I’m not going to school anymore, it’s for losers! Anyway I got a date with my boyfriend today!
I’m telling you right now, you’re not gonna go out dressed like that!Until you are my sister there’s no way you are not going out dressed like a ‘ho ! Ok?
Hey! What the hell are you talking about ? Leave me alone, you’re not my father, ok?
Don’t you dare talk to your brother like that young lady…

Hello Yelle!
Hello Christelle!
Hey, we’re not bitches, ‘right?!
For sure!
And we gonna tell ‘em.

You are such a loser
You bore me out
Come on, Talk to the hand.
If you don’t get it it means forget me!
I’m not listening to you, come on, sorry, talk to the hand.
If you don’t get it, it means: no thank you, ah ah.

Together with my bitches I’m walking down the streets
behind a guy is checking out my ass
oh well, that’s normal, I’m so hot in Miss Sixty lo cut.
They shape so well my ass with the G-string sticking out
I know I’m only sixteen but I wear 95B
Thanks to my wonder bra that I really well filled up.
Anyway, this guy talks to me in his loser lacoste polo.
Hey lady, you’re so hot do you wanna go for a mint ice cream with me?
nha nha, NI. Not interested.

Mmmhm. ok, get out, leave me alone.
who do you think you are, enough, you’re not my dad.
mmmhm. ok, get out, stop it there.
who do you think you are, enough! Talk to the hand.

Girl Power , ah ah. Come on go buy yourself a life
You’re not on my friend’s list.
1 I kick you out 2 you’re freaking ’cause at 3 I’m already gone
Me me me and my girls
Never a kilo overweight
1 we have sex 2 we rateyou 3 we send it on a text message.
When you talk you bore me out , shut your mouth it’s me on charge
1 I order 2 you pay 3 you take me to the concert
Stop following me like a dog.
Guys are good at nothing.
You’re so right girl, maybe we should become Homo, O.M.O.
mmmm… FGI. Fake good idea.

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Posted by Harry | March 19th, 2008 2:32 am

She’s so hot! That Five o’clock shadow is so sexy!

Posted by autumn | March 19th, 2008 2:54 pm

quite possibly the weirdest thing i’ve ever watched. . however, at the same time, it’s the catchiest tune i’ve ever heard.

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