Wacky Archives was born on a cold winter night from the sweaty hands of two internet fanatics while trying to do something other than what they were paid to do. And, luckily enough, they successfully managed to blow off  several work hours a day, and their readers did too. .

They started off small, with infrequent updates, but the website grew and all was well.

But then a storm came, bringing writer’s block and more work hours. All seemed lost!

Out of the darkness, rose a hero, and his name just so happened be “Wacky”.  It was fate! He gave us hope that there were better days to come. Alas, we can say from the bottom of our hearts, with clear conscience…….”We’re outta here!”

Wacky, however, would love to hear from you. Please use the form below to contact him for feedback, advertising inquiries or suggestions!


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