The weather has been extermely sunny lately, so you could say that summer has finally arrived. Well I thought that until it rained very heavily this morning. Oh well my plants need a drink! :) Anyway, though i was play some online games like snake game, while it’s raining. Check out this amazing display of snake skillz:

As you can see from the video it gets pretty hairy when the snake is that long, and requires a level of planning to weave in and out of the available space. This game is one of the classic games which us oldies will remember from the days of the game boy. Other than snake game I’ve also been playing some army games. The thing I like about games with an army theme is that there are so many types of game, but they all seem to provide the player with the ability to upgrade a vasst array of weapons. Right now I’ve been enjoying Battalion Ghosts which is a turn based strategy game. You control various military unts in the game such as soldiers and tanks.

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The onset of the millennium brought into our world many wonderful inventions which changed the course of how humans would do things. One of these very significant changes was the spread of internet and the invention of napster and such similar sites.

In the early 2000’s, Napster completely changed how we obtained our music. With a click of a button, we had a song on the computer which we normally had to buy a disk to obtain. It was free and there were no limits to what could be obtained. Thus started the age of internet piracy and illegal downloads.
As per the end user license agreement, no individual can give away the content they have purchased or make copies of it. But in this new age, this is precisely what is happening, and on a mammoth scale.

After napster was forced to shut down, there have been various other software’s and websites which have been carrying on the same principle. Some of the most common ones are Rapidshare and Megaupload. These websites are popular because with one touch, a person can obtain almost anything, and free of cost also. What could be better people asked?

But there is more. New technology called torrents allow for massive music and movie downloads to take place for free. Websites like uTorrent and PirateBay are pioneers of this new technology. It is so popular now because with a single click downloads can take place without the physical presence of the downloader. Thus it started with music and has now spread to even movies, with everything in digital form being available for download.

Nowadays, there are even softwares available to download videos from sites like YouTube, which were only meant to be viewed. With such software, sites which have videos uploaded into them are also not safe.

It is not just music and movies which are affected, but also the gaming industry which has taken a big hit. Since gamers are meant for computers, they are available in only digital form. Since all digital content is available online, so are games.

Thus there are various industries which have taken a hit with the concept of one touch downloading prevailing in the world

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Now this must be an adrenaline rush of epic proportions!
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Joining such Saturday Night Live-skit-to-movie movies as The Blues Brothers, Waynes World, Coneheads, and The Ladies Man, is MacGruber. Directed by SNL writer and current Lonely Island member Jorma Taccome, MacGruber is action comedy about an ex-special ops agent played by Will Forte who is called on by his country to apprehend his sworn enemy Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer). After Von Cunth threatens to destroy Washington DC with a stolen nuclear warhead, MacGruber assembles a crack team of fellow SNL cast members Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph to save the country.

What’s that you say? Who is MacGruber? If you’ve never of him, then let me explain. Imagine MacGyver with a significantly lower IQ. It’s as simple as that. Now give him a bomb to defuse and hilarity ensues. I recomend you look up the MacGruber skits from Saturday Night Live to get to know him better. MacGruber is scheduled to release on May 21.

Source: MacGruber Red Band Trailer

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